Rigging & Equipment Checks

We’re excited to welcome you to De Leon Cirque Fest™!

2024 Rigging Inspection Times:
Rigging Inspections must be completed before your rehearsal or they will be completed during your rehearsal and you may lose your time to get on the apparatus.

Thursday, February 15: 4:30-5:30pm
Friday, February 16: 7:45 – 9:15am
Saturday, February 17: 7:45 – 8:45am
Sunday, February 18: 7:45 – 8:45am

All aerial points have a carabiner, swivel, carabiner available, so you just need to clip in your apparatus.

For the beginner categories and other static acts we have a static point available on a pulley system that goes up to approximately 20 feet high.

For the student categories and higher that have acts that need a motor, we have a variable speed motor available: The motor has a 300-pound maximum lifting capacity and reaches a height of approximately 20 feet. Anyone wanting to use the motor needs someone who knows the calls to tell the rigger when to go up and down during the act.

As a reminder, your rigging will be undergoing a safety check before the festival to ensure everything is in top condition and ready for use. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience, and proper equipment inspection is vital to achieving that.

General Inspection:

  • Fabric: No tears, discoloration, or other visual imperfections.
  • Rigging: No deformation, wear, or flattening exceeding 10%.
  • Hardware: Reputable brand/company with official markings.
  • Stitching: No missing, damaged, or torn stitching.
  • Visual Inspection: Overall check for any visible signs of damage.

Specific Checks:

  • Lyra:
    – checking for any imperfections in the metal/hoop
    – if using a spanset/sling – making sure it has a tag or markings with load descriptions
  • Rope:
    – checking for tears in the cover, missing or damaged stitching, thimble damage/deformation
  • Straps:
    – checking for material imperfections or tears, missing/damaged stitching
    – hardware must have official marking and no deformation, wear/flattening exceeding 10%
  • Trapeze:
    – checking for imperfections on bar, elbows, ropes, and thimbles, missing/damaged stitching, hardware markings, hardware deformation, hardware wear/flattening exceeding 10%

Remember, safety is our top priority. By working together and ensuring all equipment is up to par, we can create a fun and exciting event for everyone!